Samsung CJ890 43
Samsung CJ890 43
Samsung CJ890 43
Samsung CJ890 43
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Samsung CJ890 43" Super Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor

345.000 KWD
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43" CJ890 Super Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor

Curved 43" diagonal monitor with 32:10 aspect ratio is equal to two 24" (16:10) monitors.

4K / (3840 x 1200) / VA / 5ms / 120Hz

Built-in KVM Switch lets you control two connected devices using just one keyboard and mouse.

Goodbye to Bezel Blindspots

At 43" diagonal screen size and 32:10 aspect ratio, the CJ89 is equal to two 24" (16:10) monitors.  With no bezel blind spots, perfectly matched image quality, and fewer cables it's a smart alternative to dual monitor setups.

Connect and Collaborate

Picture-by-Picture lets you display input from two PCs simultaneously for effortless collaboration with colleagues or clients. Simply connect a second device such as a laptop to instantly view its display side by side with your primary PC’s display.

Optimized View

The swivel/tilt and height-adjustable stand offers all the flexibility you need to position the screen for maximum comfort. The panel’s VESA Standard mount also offers the option of mounting on VESA-compatible arms.

Eye Saver Mode

Samsung’s Eye Saver Mode reduces fatigue-inducing blue light emissions and its Flicker Free technology suppresses screen flicker, allowing you to work for longer with less strain on your eyes.

120Hz Refresh Rate

The 120Hz screen refresh rate provides flawlessly smooth scenes and can be adjustable to 60Hz for optimized monitor performance.

Curved for Comfort

The CJ89’s curved display lets your eyes maintain a constant focus across the entire screen, resulting in less fatigue and a more comfortable viewing experience.

Multiple Inputs

Featuring DP, HDMI, USB and two USB Type-C inputs, the CJ89 lets you connect almost any device you can imagine. And with built-in 5-watt stereo speakers, you can be sure that whatever you, your colleagues, or your clients bring to the table, your monitor is up to the task.

Two USB Type-C Ports

USB Type-C transmits data, video and audio, and power all over a single cable. 

Split Screen Your Way

Easy Setting Box software makes splitting the monitor workspace into multiple windows a snap. Partition the screen into up to six windows with just a mouse click for an instant view of all your projects. You can also adjust the window sizes for a fully customized view.

Built-In KVM Switch

When two devices are connected to the CJ89, its built-in KVM switch lets you control them both using just one keyboard and mouse. Multitask efficiently and save desk space.