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Redragon Vulcan GA250
Redragon Vulcan GA250
Redragon Vulcan GA250
Redragon Vulcan GA250
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Redragon Vulcan GA250

9.000 KWD 15.000 KWD
  • Product Type | نوع المنتج: USB HUB
  • Barcode: 08937631

For All Consoles -- GA250 keyboard and mouse adapter compatible with multiple platforms (PS3/4, NS and Xbox One), it will back you up with all your love and passion for games.

Engineered(Dedicated) For FPS Gamer -- Plug & Play -- The Definitely an OP weapon for gamers who aren't used to(who aren't good) using a controller. Move the mouse, operate the keyboard, make a headshot and dominate the game.

adapter connection doesn't require any driver, and you can start your game once the devices are properly connected.

Clear LED Indicator -- Redragon logo with two lighting bars will show your adapter connection status clearly. White means the adapter is on, red means one gaming device connected (keyboard/mouse), green means another gaming device connected, gold means successfully connected.

We Got your Back -- During the connection of the device, if you have checked the manual and carefully read the listing instructions/tips and still have problems. Please contact us directly and we will always be there to help you out.



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