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Onikuma Mousepad Large RGB MP006
Onikuma Mousepad Large RGB MP006
Onikuma Mousepad Large RGB MP006
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Onikuma Mousepad Large RGB MP006

7.900 KWD 10.900 KWD
  • Product Type | نوع المنتج: Mouse Pads
  • Barcode: 58753252

Product Description:

1. Fabric: exquisite hand feel, waterproof.

2. The material is sufficient, the material is good, and the texture is heavy.

3. The rubber is made of new materials, with good quality, high density and low odor.

4. RGB lighting, seven modes are adjustable, the light guide strip has good light transmission, uniform light emission, and the light is soft and does not hurt the eyes.

5. The PCP board is equipped with IC memory function, and has current overload protection to prevent excessive temperature and damage to the product. The cord is 1.8 meters long and has a protective slot to prevent pulling and not easy to break.

6. Size: 800x300x4mm

7. Weight: about 620g



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