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Nano Wireless (WiFi) USB Adapter
Nano Wireless (WiFi) USB Adapter
Nano Wireless (WiFi) USB Adapter
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Nano Wireless (WiFi) USB Adapter

5.000 KWD 6.000 KWD

WLAN adapter with USB Type A connector, it supports USB2.0 standards interface.

Designed to operate in 2.4GHz frequency and fully complies with IEEE 802.11b/g and 802.11n standards based on 1T1R technology.

The MT7601U MAC/BBP, RF/PA/LNA single chip is used to deliver high-performance of the latest Wifi technology, including software driver support for Windows 7/8/10, Vista 32/64, XP 32/64, 2000 ; Mac OS X and Linu.



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