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MSI DS4100 Keyboard
MSI DS4100 Keyboard
MSI DS4100 Keyboard
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  • SKU:

MSI DS4100 Keyboard

13.000 KWD 17.000 KWD
  • Product Type | نوع المنتج: Keyboard
  • Barcode: 79597983

Key Feature:

Extra Slim and Light Design.

Integrated Wrist Rest Design.

Multimedia Hotkeys.

19-Key Rollover.

7 Colors Back lighting.

Braided Wire and Gold-plated Connector.

By pressing Fn key with other keys,DS4100 provides below useful functions.

Light weight and thin body design- Thickness: 1.8cm- Weight: 620g- Easy for user to carry.

Normal keys:

Standard 104 keys K/B Dimension452 X 201 X 18 mmK/B ...



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