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Glorious Model D- (Matte White) Gaming Mouse
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Glorious Model D- (Matte White) Gaming Mouse

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  • Product Type | نوع المنتج: Mouse
  • Barcode: 98531231

Glorious Model D- Gaming Mouse, Light and Flexible, 61grams, DPI Indicator, Ergonomic RGB, Matte White

Extreme lightweight (right-handed) ergonomic gaming mouse
This is Model D -
the most comfortable lightweight ergonomic RGB gaming mouse

Envisioned by a community of passionate gamers, and developed by a team who accepts nothing less than perfection - Model D will elevate your play to unimaginable heights. Built for speed, control, and comfort - we packed a full suite of ultra-premium features into an impossibly lightweight, ergonomic frame. Welcome to the next level of Competitive E-Sports gaming. Prepare for Ascension.




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