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CAT.6 Giga-Speed Patch Cord 0.5m
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CAT.6 Giga-Speed Patch Cord 0.5m

0.750 KWD 2.000 KWD
  • Barcode: 78866097
  • 100% COPPER: This Cat6 cable is built using 100% copper wire and meets all Cat 6 specs. We don’t use copper-coated aluminum (CCA) wire which is subject to problems like weak power delivery, heat buildup, equipment damage and possibly fire.
  • HIGH-PEFORMANCE: Ensure high-performance capability for your demanding Gigabit applications, such as Power-over-Ethernet and 4K or 1080p video streaming using this Cat6 Ethernet cable. It features 0.25 mm copper wire.
  • SNAGLESS RJ45 CLIPS: For trouble-free cable runs, this Cat6 network cable features snagless connectors that protect the RJ45 clips during installation, making them less likely to snag or break.
  • 50-MICRON GOLD CONNECTORS: The Cat6 patch cable features RJ45 connectors that you can rely on. They deliver optimum conductivity while eliminating signal loss due to oxidation or corrosion.


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