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Display Port Cable 144Hz+

5.000 KWD7.000 KWD


2.500 KWD4.000 KWD

Ethernet Cable Cat.8 1m

4.000 KWD8.000 KWD

DisplayPort (DP) to HDMI Adapter

6.500 KWD9.000 KWD

3m CAT.7 Ethernet Cable

4.000 KWD

1m CAT.7 Ethernet Cable

1.750 KWD3.000 KWD

Ethernet Cable Cat.8 2m

6.000 KWD10.000 KWD

3 pin PC Power cable

3.000 KWD

Ethernet Cable Cat.8 3m

7.000 KWD12.000 KWD

HAING USB 4 port HUB (Silver)

6.500 KWD

15m CAT.7 Ethernet Cable

11.000 KWD14.000 KWD

5m CAT.7 Ethernet Cable

6.000 KWD
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